Asia Shipping’s Artificial Intelligence eliminates import errors

05 September 2023

Asia Shipping’s Artificial Intelligence eliminates import errors

As you know, the customs clearance area has always been known to be a complex area, full of details. Any error, however small, can result in fines, extra costs and rework for everyone involved.


At Asia Shipping, we guide you along intelligent paths and we’ve always been pioneers in launching new services that have completely changed the daily routine of Brazilian foreign trade and, in line with the needs of our 125 clients in the Pharma & Healthcare market, have developed an Artificial Intelligence tool that eliminates errors when registering the Import Declarations.


Our AI tool ensures that the Import Declaration is verified in the cloud by a robot that checks if there’s any inconsistency with the documents for the process (Invoice, Packing List, COA, among others) and notifies the user of what is incorrect, allowing it to be corrected preventively, after all, at Asia Shipping unforeseen events are foreseen and solved. The new AI system accompanies a Lis manager, that manages Licensing with the regulatory body every 15 minutes, without the need of manual search IL by IL, thus saving time in the authorization for boarding and cargo release.


Our Head of Pharma & Healthcare, Jackson Campos, talked to Rodolfo Sant’Anna, Supply Chain Director at Galena Química Farmacêutica about what made him chose Asia Shipping over other competitors and the reply was very positive: “As a Supply Chain manager at a pharmaceutical company, we need logistical efficiency with our global suppliers for each shipping. While looking for logistical partners in the market, I found at Asia Shipping all the necessary requirements for a complete and automated operation, combined with great value for money”.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technological advancement that allows systems to simulate a level of intelligence similar to a human being’s, enabling systems to make decisions autonomously via database.


“With Asia, we get all the international logistical support, clearance and road transport via artificial intelligence available on a dashboard to monitor processes in real time, bringing great competitive advantage over its competitors”, adds Rodolfo.


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