How to optimize logistics management in medium and small companies? 5 valuable tips

28 August 2023

How to optimize logistics management in medium and small companies? 5 valuable tips

Have you ever stopped to think that, actually, delivering products to the consumer on the scheduled date is much more than meeting a deadline? Above all, it’s about making their shopping experience complete and satisfactory. It’s your opportunity to promote your brand and retain customers.


After all, there’s no point in offering high-quality products and having a dedicated and competent internal team, if the carrier’s service leaves something to be desired.


When the customer receives a product with delay, they feel frustrated, not enchanted. If they review the purchase, it could be harmful to your brand, driving away followers in social media and clients from your store. It’s everything you don’t want!


Therefore, to avoid this kind of situation and retain customers, managers of medium and small companies need to prioritize logistics management. It’s the only way to ensure quality and reliability in the delivery process, adding value to your product.


Investing in logistics management is taking care of the health of your business. We’ve selected some infallible tips to help you with this strategy.


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#1 Develop a logistics management plan

Start by building a complete and detailed logistics plan. It’ll be the guiding tool for your delivery operation. In addition to providing quality and speed in customer service, you’ll also be able to reduce costs, making logistics management more efficient.


There are several aspects you should analyze. Here are some of them:


Throughout planning, try to map all the steps that precede and are carried out after the company’s main activity. Once done, it’ll be easier to build an effective logistical management.


This type of planning is indispensable for medium and small companies, because it brings a series of benefits:

  • Fast processes;
  • Inventory control;
  • Reduced bureaucracy;
  • Customer satisfaction.


#2 Invest in customer service

Even if your logistical operation is complete and you have the best partner to enable deliveries, we know that delays can happen. If this is the case, it’s important to have quick and clear answers to customers for any complaints related to delivery deadlines.


In order to have this information always available, you need to have logistics management with order tracking. The best way to do this is by investing in a software with a cargo tracking feature. In addition, you need to train your service team so that professionals are agile and kind in their responses.


#3 Discover new logistics management technologies

Digital transformation has already taken over the logistics sector. More and more, new technologies are incorporated into the operation. They optimize processes, reduce costs and even allow full monitoring of the merchandise until delivery to the final customer.


Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, for example, automate the process, simplifying inventory control and order dispatch. But this is just one of the sector’s innovations.


Therefore, get to know the new tools and methodologies and plan their adoption in your company’s logistics management strategy.


The implementation of reverse logistics, for example, can be very advantageous for your business, and well regarded by your customers. This type of practice is important because it shows that your brand is committed to sustainability.


#4 Look for logistics management partners to optimize processes

You don’t have to handle the entire strategy yourself. On the contrary, it’s important to count on the help of expert suppliers.


Look for partners that are capable of offering quality service, supporting your operation and delivering value to your customers.


Whether hiring a logistics management software, or partnering with a carrier, look for the best options, always prioritizing quality and competitive prices. It’s also worth knowing the experience of other customers, before closing a deal.


#5 Revise the logistics management plan

The world is changing, and it seems faster and faster. That’s why it’s important to prioritize frequent revisions to your logistics management plan. Assess your company’s results, look for successful cases, good practices and market news.


This type of analysis is important. With good internal references and indicators, you’ll know exactly how to incorporate improvements in your logistical process.


In some cases, you can hire self storage companies to streamline distribution. Depending on your company’s situation, training to fine-tune your team may be enough to improve logistics management.


Try to know the gaps in the delivery process and always think about how to fix them. After all, they can define the customer’s shopping experience.


Now that you know these concepts, you can make more assertive choices when building your company’s logistics strategy. Did you like the article and want to know more about the subject? Keep reading ASIA SHIPPING’S blog!