The Data-driven Culture at Asia Shipping

04 September 2023

The Data-driven Culture at Asia Shipping

Data-driven management is a trend that’s taking hold in all market sectors. In logistics, Data-driven plays an important role in better decision-making, combined with the idea of Logistics 4.0 and digital transformation. With it, it’s possible to decentralize decisions, integrate data, reduce costs and have predictability of the smartest path to be followed.


What’s Data-driven?

The expression refers to an analytical culture, which is based on the interpretation of performance indicators and information from control platforms. And for this data to be useful, it’s essential that they’re gathered, structure and analyzed by experts.


How is Data-driven applied at Asia Shipping?

In an evolved form of the statistics department, the Data Strategy area was created at Asia Shipping in order to provoke all other sectors in the company to have data as allies in the decision-making process, whether in something routine or in large projects, turning the Data-driven movement into reality in the organization.


The main purposes of the Data Strategy team are:

  • Promoting the Data-drive culture, that is, data orientation and analytical culture, in all areas of the company;
  • Turning data into information, supporting the practical knowledge of employees, enabling assertive decisions to be made;
  • Being a curious department, which is always learning from data, and questioning, raising the right inquiries for other sectors to have the autonomy to interpret information and take accurate measures;
  • Simplifying information to identify what’s really useful;
  • Making use of available tools to provide intelligence and agility in the company’s processes.

Therefore, Data Strategy is responsible for giving a strategic view for Asia Shipping and, consequently, its customers, to move towards success, providing each area with data through reports, in addition to instructing and assisting in interpreting and understanding the data. Through the analytical culture, processes are optimized and intelligent solutions are developed to boost growth and innovation across the company.


What are the main advantages of data culture?

Being a data-drive company requires a lot of effort, however, the benefits come in equal measure. Check some of the advantages of applying the Data-drive method, as it’s done at Asia Shipping:

  • Making decisions based on real data combined with the experience of experts in the market;
  • Making the team much more informed and up to date, with an analytical mindset to come up with the best solutions for the customers’ business;
  • Constantly studying internal processes in order to investigate possible improvements;
  • Improving internal communication, between employees, external communication, and between suppliers and customers;
  • Assisting in providing accurate and streamlined information to customers’ requests, thanks to in-depth knowledge of the system and business rules.


Decisions based on accurate data tend to be more rational and less influenced by emotion, which is very important in the logistics sector, where a small fault can disrupt an entire production chain, for example.


Have a data-driven company as a logistics partner

The logistics system requires that decisions be made quickly and wisely, which is why counting on a company with a Data-driven culture, such as Asia Shipping, is so important to the evolution of your business. Click here and talk to one of our experts to learn more about us!