Asia Shipping is authorized by Brazilian Customs to
release courier shipments. Few companies have this
license in Brazil.

What does it mean?

It means we use security to ensure, manage, and operationalise your courier shipments. We are completely transparent in all directions and operate in multiple countries, bringing practicality to your express shipments.

With Asia Shipping's, "Guiding though wise ways", you can count on our company's 25 years of experience in integrated logistics and foreign trade.

What we can offer?

  • We can offer import and export customs clearance service with our own experienced team;
  • Partners approved for nationwide first mile;
  • Partners approved for nationwide last mile delivery with daily service out of GRU airport reducing transit time;
    2 (two) delivery attempts* without additional cost.

    *whenever consignee cannot be found.
  • If you have an import shipment into Brazil and all is prepared according to our instructions your shipment will be released from customs in few hours;
  • Full tracking:
  • System integration;
  • Insurance available.

General courier regulations / Conditions for import into Brazil

No need of broker nor RADAR (local register with customs). Very simplified customs process;

Value limit: USD 3,000.00 for import into Brazil;

Medicines to individuals may be imported up to USD 10,000.00 with tax exemption;

There´s no weight limit but shipments over 30 kg will have different cost;

Dimensions limits: there´s no limit for courier customs clearance but for non-invasive inspection please consider the limit of 0,90 x 0,90m;

All shipments will be submitted to x-ray. Please inform if the product is not allowed to this in order we can request invasive inspection;

Products for resale are limited to USD 100,000.00 / consignee per year.

List of forbidden products

  • Products that require import license;
  • Beverages;
  • Tobacco;
  • Wild animals;
  • Wild plants;
  • Diamonds;
  • Money;
  • Used or reconditioned products (but those exported temporarily and products with contents equivalent to document);
  • Antiquities or art objects;
  • Illegal drugs;
  • Human parts (and ashes);
  • Fake products;
  • Asbestos;
  • Firearms and ammunition;
  • Ivory;
  • Flammable material or dangerous;
  • Chemicals;
  • Gambling material;
  • Precious or semi-precious stones or jewels;
  • Any other product which import is forbidden;
  • Any other product not allowed for air transportation according to specific law;
  • Any product that goes against moral.

Our team of experts is able to offer you a high-level service for your import shipments into Brazil.

Duties and taxes: courier has a simplified taxation process 60% of import duties + local state tax on CIF value.

You can have the estimated duties and taxes value before shipping if your customer will send that as DDP.

There is no “de minimis” but some products are duties and taxes exempted as books, newspapers, magazines and same samples could be tax exempted please contact us by e-mail [email protected] for more details.

After flight arrival you may have a shipment released with customs in few hours (considering courier terminal business hours) if our SOP is strictly followed.

DDP / DDU* terms are acceptable.
*DDU please check DDU terms.

All import shipments must be addressed to Guarulhos airport (no bonded transference is allowed).

General courier regulations / Conditions for export from Brazil

For export shipments out of Brazil we are able to provide first mile and customs release with our own team and fly your shipment according your needs.

Export process is fast and bureaucracy free. You can count on Asia Shipping and its experts to provide you a high level service with your export shipments out of Brazil.

Shipments with value is up to USD1,000.00 is released at courier terminal using a very simplified process.

Shipments over USD1,000.00 also can be released by our own courier staff but this will be on cargo terminal even though this is a less bureaucratic process than formal cargo export process. Only with Brazilian document called “Nota Fiscal” and commercial invoice. No additional paperwork is necessary.

If you have any doubt of how we can help you with your courier shipments or even if you shipment fits courier service also for more detailed information regarding necessary documents for customs flow, how to prepare your shipments or any other you can send your enquiry to [email protected] that we´ll be glad to answer all your questions.

Transparency everywhere / General terms and conditions

Here is the link to the general terms and conditions for our courier service. Please ensure you access, read and understand all the terms and conditions. Please contact our logistics consultant if you have any questions. You hereby agree that by continuing to use these services, you are accepting all of the general terms and conditions for all legal effects.

General terms and conditions