The importance of focusing on the experience of B2B consumers in the logistics sector

Friday, July 28, 2023

The importance of focusing on the experience of B2B consumers in the logistics sector

Much is said about improving processes to offer unique experiences for end consumers, but it’s worth noting that 72% of corporate clients expect companies to know how to recognize them as unique and identify their interests, according to the research “Retail Trends 2023”, by Dito CRM and Opinion Box. Therefore, offering customization of deliveries has become substantial in a competitive and ever-growing market, in order to build long-term partnerships with clients.


In the case of the logistics sector, having a planning team dedicated to mapping the smartest paths and anticipating possible unforeseen events, knowing the specificities of each point on the route and forecasting schedules, allows for greater agility and reduction of operational and bureaucratic costs. Thus, it’s important to carefully select the company that will be responsible for delivering the logistical intelligence and transporting orders.


As much as the needs of individual consumers are different from the needs of a commercial buyer, expectations are the same: an efficient action plan that ensures that deliveries are made at the defined location and time, with merchandise in perfect condition. In addition, both expect ease in the purchase process, enough information to feel secure in closing the deal and consistency in communication in every available contact channel.


Focusing on the B2B consumer experience, it’s possible to:

- Elevate the level of satisfaction;

- Intensify customer loyalty;

- Generate more revenue, since the cost of maintaining long-term clients is lower than that of acquiring new customers;

- Promote customer enchantment, which can lead them to recommend and defend your company out of passion for the brand, even if they’re professional buyers;


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